Themes to possibly cover with me through life coaching

A coach works with his client’s own ques­tion­ing about his life. He empow­ers him to use his actual strengths to find a way to change, con­sis­tent with the client’s core val­ues and wants. A coach is not an expert: the client is the expert of his own life.

There­fore, one real­izes that the span of pos­si­ble themes is almost infi­nite. How­ever, I pre­fer to point out the themes I am com­fort­able to cover with a client through life coach­ing, accord­ing to my per­sonal expe­ri­ence. It seems just plain hon­esty to me. Since this page is about per­sonal devel­op­ment needs, I will redi­rect inter­ested par­ties to cor­po­rate coach­ing. Finally, it is often impos­si­ble to work one aspect with­out to look at some oth­ers, either to bet­ter under­stand how they relate to the aspect you are actu­ally work­ing on, either to make sure to pre­serve them as they are or to mod­ify them to stay coher­ent with your new per­sonal objectives.

Exam­ples inside each gen­eral sub­ject in green are spe­cific coach­ing top­ics you may want to explore, and you pos­si­bly have oth­ers com­ing to your mind as you read. It is your life after all!

Affirm your per­sonal iden­tity. You are at a moment of your life where you do not rec­og­nize your­self any­more, or you feel that you are not really as peo­ple around you say you are. Take the time you need to dis­cover your­self as you are now. Learn how to be more assertive. Dis­cover what are your per­sonal val­ues and learn how to use them as a bea­con through changes you deem nec­es­sary to be happy. Pro­tect your “self” by estab­lish­ing solid per­sonal bar­ri­ers. Clearly iden­tify your tal­ents. Learn to appre­ci­ate who you really are.

Dis­cover your per­sonal spir­i­tu­al­ity and your own pur­pose. As many around you, you are quest­ing for mean­ing in your life and you would like to find it. Dis­cover the nature of per­sonal spir­i­tu­al­ity and life accord­ing to it. Design your per­sonal mission.